Popcorn Break

My niece Krista Morgan has a blog called The-Not-So-Desperate-Chef-Wife To celebrate the 300-follower-milestone, she’s asking people to post a comment naming their favorite ingredient to cook with. People who know me know that I DON’T DO FOOD. Don’t cook it, eat it, serve it, etc. 

With one exception: POPCORN. And I can fix it (I learned to “FIX it,” not “make it”) to perfection. Pop all the kernels without burning any. I get some white, hull-less popcorn (a rare breed these days, but Lowes Foods has an excellent house brand), vegetable oil, popcorn salt…into a deep pot, on the stove, shake-shake-shake till the top starts to pop off, pour into big bowl, add more popcorn salt, do the popcorn toss, add more salt, toss again, add more salt, toss again….Pure and simple, no messy, stinky butter or cheese, and definitely no sticky, sweet glop. 

Sit down with bowl in lap and gobble it down like a machine. Chase with a glass of ice water or pure Florida Orange Juice. 

Feeling good and refreshed, go back to the painting station.

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